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ceramic restorations

Key words : full ceramic crowns ; full ceramic bridges ; fixed prosthesis ; zirconia and alumina ; ceramic restorations ; cad-cam dentistry    
Modern requisites for ceramic restorations - Bernard Touati (France)    
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Ceramic restorations
Ceramic restorations
Ceramic restorations
Modern requisites for ceramic restorations

The main esthetic drawback of PFM crowns is the metallic infrastructure which is a barrier to light diffusion. Alumina and zirconia based "all-ceramic" restorations now feature high mechanical properties and are reliable prostheses without sacrifying their obvious esthetic and biological qualities.

CAD-CAM generated densely sintered and aluminum zirconia oxide infrastructures for crowns, anterior bridges and laminates are now fabricated in two production centers, one in the US and one in Sweden.

Lab technicians who finalize the restorations and stratify the veneering ceramic are eventually in charge of the functional and esthetic properties of the letter.

The goal of this presentation is to review the modern requirements of metal-free ceramic restorations.

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