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Key words : soft tissue augmentation ; connective tissue grafting ; perio prostho interface ; site developement    
Optimizing Aesthetics - Eric Van Dooren (Belgium)    
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Full ceramic crowns ... anterior restoration : our restorations must mimic nature

full ceramic crowns full ceramci crowns
Soft tissue augmentation / Site development
full ceramic crowns full ceramic crowns
Perio-prostho interface / light transmission Procera full ceramic crowns
Optimizing Aesthetics

Optimizing function and the aesthetic outcome must be the goal for any anterior restoration. Ultimately our restorations must mimic nature. The key for success is a proper understanding of the parameters that can influence the aesthetic outcome at the Prostho-Perio interface: soft tissue management, hard tissue management and the choice of the prosthetic material. This lecture will highlight these parameters and try to develop a concept of treatment for the aesthetic zone.

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