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dentin sealing, immediate dentin sealing

key words : porcelain laminate veneers ; diastemas ; aesthetic pre-recontouring (APR) ; aesthetic pre-evaluative temporaries (APT) ; precise tooth preparation    
Precise, predictable tooth preparation for porcelain laminate veneers - Galip Gurel (Turquie)    
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Dentin sealing...

dentin sealing dentin sealing
Precise tooth preparation for porcelain laminate veneers. Immediate dentin sealing
Tooth preparation for porcelain laminate veneers
Finished PLVs - Porcelain laminate veneers
The balance of the incisal edges and the lips, making the final results look natural.
Precise, predictable tooth preparation for porcelain laminate veneers

All the fundamental basics indispensible from PLV applications and aspects will be widely discussed for the beginner to highly advanced dentists.
New tooth preparation techniques will be explained to ensure minimal invasive tooth preparation for the benefits of the patient, and maximum space creation for the dental technician for his/her layering techniques.. Aesthetic Pre Recontouring (APR) and Aesthetic Pre-evaluative Temporaries (APT) are the two most importants assets for a 100% precise, predictable and repeatable tooth preparation for the porcelain laminate veneers, no matter what the position of the teeth are.
In addition, all the clinical experience will be shared in treating teeth with diastemas, severe discolorations, form and shape disorders, each in a step by step approach explaining all the valuable details. .

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