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CAD CAM restorative dentistry

key words : art dental ; modern communications ; new materials ; experience ; precision ; cad cam restorative dentistry ; dental cad cam ; modern communication
Modern laboratory means for a functional and aesthetic outcome - Jean-Marc Etienne (France)    
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  Jean Marc Etienne
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CAD CAM restorative dentistry

cad cam dentistry cad cam dentistry  
1 - CAD CAM dentistry : optic and computer tools 2 - checking under a binocular microscope.
cad cam dentistry cad cam dentistry  
3 - Browsing through the 3D program
4 - Checking the virtual framework before ordering through internet
cad cam dentistry    
Integration of a PROCERA aluminous Jacket crown on a vital tooth (21)
Modern laboratory means for a functional and aesthetic outcome

We now have the possibility of doing rather complex prosthetic rehabilitations on natural teeth or implant abutments, relying upon modern means such as new communication technologies, CAD CAM, new materials altogether in alliance with craftsmanship and experience.

The author will present different tools and features for a good communication between the dental office and the laboratory for customized prostheses. Digital photography and Internet play a chief role in this communication. Key shots and how to manage them will be illustrated.

The dental technician's know-how, CAD-CAM and such new materials as alumina, zirconia or titanium significantly contribute to biocompatible restorations thoroughly integrated from a periodontal, functional and aesthetic aspect.

This lecture will stress the management of parameters that are crucial for mechanical precision especially if working under microscope and will insist upon the quality of the artistic gesture of the working hand steered by modern tools of guidance and archiving of data. All this being illustrated with numerous single and multiple restorations.

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