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Esthetic dentistry and implant dentistry

Key words : implant dentistry ; dental implants ; Dental implantology    
Esthetic dentistry : The aesthetic challenge in implant dentistry - Joao Pimenta (Portugal)    
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Esthetic dentisty & Implant dentistry

esthetic_dentistry implant dentistry
1 : Three Procera abutments
2 - Three Procera frameworks
esthetic_dentistry implant dentistry
3 - Implant dentistry : Screwed in abutments
4 - Final aspect
implant dentistry  
5 - Implant dentistry : X-ray check
Esthetic dentistry : The aesthetic challenge in implant dentistry

Lately, Dental implantology has been through large transformations. After a phase of rationalization and reliability of the implant techniques especially initiated by the swedish and swiss teams, we are now faced with new techniques sometimes contradictory with what had been written in the most serious publications.
In our daily practice, we must answer everyday to our patients' questions referring to what they read in the press or based on misleading advertising. Our answer will always rely upon biologic and physiological principles that guide our procedures.
This lecture will present a "simple and feasible" science-based implantology.

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