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Key words : Carious risk ; Carious lesions ; Remineralization ;Individual dental prophylaxis ; Caries susceptibility tests ; Preventive dentistry    
Medical preventive and non invasive dentistry - Michel Blicque (France)    
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remineralization...carious dentin ... Individual dental prophylaxis

remineralization remineralization
remineralization - new look upon tooth and its pathology. New diagnostic tools
remineralization remineralization
remineralization - non-aggressive wet air abrasion techniques.
remineralization - New techniques, soon to be marketed, will enable us to identify surfaces and grooves where demineralization might begin
Medical preventive and non invasive dentistry

Care of incipient carious lesions as well as care of established caries is changing toward improving outcomes.

Evaluating then lowering the carious risk is a "must" in any dental office taking care of health and aesthetics.

Individual dental prophylaxis offers a protocol for the evaluation of the carious risk, then for the reduction of this risk.
A customized treatment protocol tends to achieve through successive steps an optimized risk for each individual.

Surface treatments have a direct impact on dental tissues and may be sufficient to stop or even reverse incipient carious lesions.
Treatment of enamel incipient lesions as well as chemical treatment of carious dentin aims not only at keeping a maximum of dental tissues but also at taking advantage in using natural defences of the tooth to limit recurrences.

Association of a medical treatment and of non-invasive operative treatments leads to new prospects of treatment.

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